Doomsday Press was first envisioned by author G. Michael Hopf as a way for writers in the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres to get their books to market without having to go through the unknowns of self-publishing. However, he didn't want the company to be like other publishing houses where the author comes last. So coupled with a drive to deliver great books and to help authors, he launched Doomsday Press in early 2020.

     Doomsday Press isn't like other traditional publishing houses. Here we not only produce quality books that will entertain our readers; we also take care of our authors by treating them with the respect they are due. We accept books for publication that will not only entertain our readers, but make them think about 'what if?'. 

     When you pick up a Doomsday Press book, you'll be transported to a world on the brink, where civilization hangs in the balance and the end could be right around the corner.







G. Michael Hopf


G. Michael Hopf is the USA Today Bestselling author of almost forty novels including the international bestselling post-apocalyptic series, THE NEW WORLD. He has made a prominent name for himself in the post-apocalyptic, western and, non-fiction paranormal genres. To date he has sold over one million copies of his books worldwide and many of his works have been translated into German, French and Spanish. 

He co-founded Beyond The Fray Publishing in 2019 with renowned paranormal researcher, Shannon LeGro and manages the daily operations of that company alongside running Doomsday Press.

He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and whiskey aficionado.

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